Brightness, high adhesion, immediate drying high, resistance,  solvent-free


Over more than two decades, Graf3 has been gaining an enormous amount of experience in the field of UV plastic sheet fed offset printing.
Since 1990 and until the present day, Graf3 has been determined to invest in this technology, its aim being to provide customers with a service which is, day by day, more comprehensive and more cutting-edge than ever. Today, we can see that this policy has paid off. This is the real reason behind the success of Graf3.

The principle behind the function of UV offset printing machines is the same as that underpinning litho-offset machines. The only difference is that these machines are designed to use UV inkssuitable for printing plastics. After coming into contact with the material, the inks are dried under UV lamps located between the printing press frames (interdeck) and at the output end of the machine (UV oven).

Our current UV offset printing machine deploys 6 printing press frames (6 colours) plus 1 flexographic unit (output) (also termed coating tower) which enables finishing of the printed sheet with gloss/matte UV coats, ensuring a most impressive look and excellent protection of the printed material. Thanks to these specifications, our machine can also handle the hybrid finishing processes termed “drip-off”.

The most common materials which can be UV offset printed arePVCPETPETGpolypropylenepolystyrene and ABS, up to a maximum thickness of more than 1 mm.

Here too, when printed, the sheet is then transferred to other departments for processing, to produce one of the many products Graf3 can offer its customers