Once the card production processes have been completed, Graf3 then undertakes card personalisation processes: for ‘a’ card to become ‘your’ card 블리츠 gg 다운로드!

Monochromatic thermography

This process deploys a thermal ribbon to transfer data from the database to the laminated surface of the card 스케치 무료. Both font and type size for the characters can be chosen, with only the limitation of the space available on the card.
This is the optimal solution for bar-code printing since it enables the best results in terms ofquality and durability 일드 여왕의교실. Various colour solutions are available. The most popular are black, white, gold and silver.

Four-colour thermography

Machines using multi-colour thermal ribbons are deployed, enabling transfer from file to card offour-colour reproductions with final print protection Download the original patent.
This solution is used especially for personal cards with photographs. This product is ideal forpresence cards and personalised security badges Download Jurassic World Fallon Kingdom.


Embossing makes for card customisation with the data in relief (thermal ribbon colouring) Download this video. The most popular colours are black, gold and silver.
For this process, the thickness of the card must conform to the ISO Standard norm (0.76 mm) 스타트컴퍼니 유료. Two types of character can be used for embossing: solely numeric (OCR 7B) or alphanumeric (Gothic).
This solution, which also enables one of the most secure types of personalisation, raises the prestige value of these card products Xara 3D 다운로드.


The ink-jet solution is one of the most rapid and cheapest of solutions Download Linkin Park. It is therefore extremely suitable for large print runs.


Graf3 caters to the various needs of its customers also during the packaging stage 노브레인 다운로드. The company produces (transparent, white, metallized and printed) flow-pack envelopes, with three seal points, in various materials.
The envelopes can be automatically filled with one or more cards or with card and leaflet (large format leaflets can be folded).
Final packaging (in microwave cardboard trays for 100-1,000 cards) is standard, according to type of card and card packaging specifications. An external label is included in all cases.
The label specifies the number of cards contained and the card numbering sequence.

Mailing and sending by ordinary post

Graf3 provides a full range of support instruments for optimal card presentation, vehiculation and efficacy. These supplementary services are planned and created to accompany the product in a coordinated, complementary manner, in order to optimally achieve strategic and operational objectives. This service starts out from a card personalisation database. By means of the “Mailer” system, ISO Standard cards can be applied to traditional A4 format letter documents.
The system personalises the letter documents with the card data, and the preprinted text can also be added to. Lastly, the document is folded and inserted into a windowed envelope.
Mailing can be automatically sorted by postcode/zipcode, by code or according to other specifications, and the product is then ready for sending by ordinary post.