1967Graf3 Srl founded – in Corso Sempione in Milan, with the first single-colour offset printing machine (format: 50×70 cm).
1969two-colour offset printing machines installed (format: 50×70 cm)
1971move to new premises in Piazza Tirana (MI); new two-colour offset printing machine installed (format: 70×100 cm).
1973new four-colour printing machine installed (format: 70×100 cm)
1975new two-colour printing machine installed (format: 100×140)
1980move to current premises in Rozzano (MI). new four-colour printing machine installed (format: 70×100 cm)
1981new Binding department opened; folding and stitching machines installed
1982new five-colour printing machine installed + coater (format: 70×100 cm)
1984new four-colour printing machine installed (format: 70×100 cm)
1986sole Italian company installing Multi-mailer, capable of providing sheet mailing
1987second Multi-mailer installed
1988Mini-mailer machine installed
1990Graf3 Srl becomes Graf3 Spa (joint stock company); acquires first UV offset machine (format: 70×100 cm) capable of printing on plastic sheets
1991two serigraphy machines installed (format: 70×100 cm)
1995second two-colour UV offset machine installed (format: 70×100 cm)
1997Plastic Division Srl is founded (located in Buccinasco (MI). Plastic Division specialises in plastic cards (fidelity cardscredit cardsphone cards).New four-colour offset printing machine installed (format: 70×100 cm)
1998new four-colour UV offset printing machine installed (format: 70×100 cm)
2006new machine for CTP plate etching in preprintdepartment; optimization of preprint department with 2 new Mac workstations.
2007new six-colour UV offset printing machine installed +flexographic coating tower (format: 70×100 cm)
2010Graf3 Spa obtains ISO 9001:2008 Quality certification
2013Entering the digital industry through merger with Sprint Time company in the market of digital printing for over 10 years.