Do you have big or even great ideas.…if you do, then look no further!

GRAF3, with its brand-new digital printing division SPRINTTIME, can transform  your ideas into reality. .. realizing for you, prints, panels and screens of every conceivable  size and shape with the use of cutting-edge technology and equipment.

And if you need to print onto your own materials? No problem

GRAF3, can print (following successful trial run) onto any rigid surface……we pose no limits!

Its  Digital Division can work with large and  even extra-large formats creating  panels and screens in PVC, large billboards, posters and mono and double-sided banners whilst adhering at all times to its philosophy of achieving optimal long lasting results  using the latest cutting-edge printing technology.



This BRAND-NEW Mimaki JFX500-2131  printer is suitable for printing on various types of rigid surfaces and has  set a new standard in wide format  UV flatbed printing. Operating at a rate of 60mq/hr  per  210×310 surface area, this avant-garde   printer marks the beginning of a ‘revolution’ in the world of signage, graphics and indeed in the world of wide-format displays thanks to its exceptional capacity to print  perfectly legible typeface (corpo 2 ).


The flatbed 6-colour UV printer + roll to roll 250cm STELLARJET GCC can print on materials even exceeding  4 metres in length as well as on flexible 250cm sided  materials.


The ROLAND  XJ  640  is  an exceptional  quality 6-colour printer, suitable for interior displays and designed primarily for the world of poster design, sign making and internal and external graphics.  This particular  technology lends itself to a wide range of applications such as :signs, inscriptions, posters, banners, pennants and also graphics for pedestrian areas, vehicles, screens and  adhesives as well as  posters and fabric and  artistic printing plus printing for canvas and fine art .Running at a rate of 42mq/hr with a print resolution of up to 1440dpi ,  this printer  achieves consistently outstanding results.

160cm maximum width – single piece.

The HP500PS printer gives an outstanding performance  in terms of speed and quality as well as  guaranteeing vibrant  and intense colours. It is  indicated specifically  for the production of ‘backlit’ prints or high grade prints on photographic paper of exceptional quality.

150cm maximum width – single piece.


The WATERJET 200cm x 400cm works using a pressurized water spray which cuts or shapes different materials such as polystyrene, polythene and various types of rubber.

The new series V   163×300 cm sided KONGSBERG pantograph is able to cut printed and ‘neutral’ materials as well as carry out ½ and 45° angle cuts up to a maximum width of 3 cm.

Graf 3 is a also specialised in the set-up/installation of our finished products  using our own technical team of experts.